We don’t just photograph, we create stories.

Years from now, we would look back and reminisce who we were—an expecting mother, a couple planning to get married, or newly-weds starting a family. Regardless of what we have gone through, one thing remains true: we document people or events that are important to us because they are part of who we are. Photographs are proof that we are living and this is why we invest in them.

Here at b_setting, we photograph what is real and what is important to you.

b_setting portraits & objects

We photograph life as it unfolds

Candid, intimate, and real.

These qualities set b_setting apart. Bernice Beltran, b_setting photographer and the art director, was mentored by seasoned photographers and has contributed to several online publications. Bernice photographs events as they unfold. Her vision for b_setting is to offer a photography service that captures her clients’ candid, intimate, and real moments.

We make stories tangible.

Printing has become optional in the digital age where we can easily transfer photos from our cameras directly to our gadgets and share them to our friends and loved ones on social media, but there are many reasons why we encourage you to print and frame your photos.

Your framed photos make wonderful home decors. They are perfect conversation starters. Alternatively, you can create personalized invitations or holiday greeting cards with your photos in it.

But what makes printed images extra special, which you can literally hold and look at, is that they tell stories and bring back those good memories.

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