Bernice Beltran

(b. 1988) is a photojournalist, a part-time creative director for a Canada-based web app, an errand runner for her mum, and a mother to an adorable pug named Joe.

As a graphic designer, she specialises in user/customer experience and storytelling. She has worked with both local and foreign brands.  If you wish to see her graphic design portfolio, please go to

Bernice learned to use a film camera and develop her photos when she took up Visual Communication in UP Diliman College of Fine Arts. In 2014, Bernice received an honourable mention in ASEAN-Korea’s multimedia competition for the photographs she took of Whang Od. The photographs were part of three exhibits in different cities across South Korea.

Bernice is a contributing photographer to NurPhoto Agency. Her photographs appeared in both local and international online publications: