Bernice Beltran (b. 1988) is a nomad and, occasionally, a photographer from the Philippines. She splits her time between Surabaya, where she is currently based, and Manila. When she's not photographing, she's either learning to speak German, working for a startup company to fund her travels, or cuddling with her adorable black pug, Joe. She speaks fluent Tagalog and English, and a bit of Bahasa Indonesia.

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  • ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition 2014 // Honorable Mention


2014 ASEAN-KOREA Multimedia Competition Exhibition

  • 9-18 January 2015 // Gallery Moon, Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP), Seoul
  • 27 January-15 February 2015 // Hanam Art Center, Hanam
  • 3 -29 March 2015 // Gyeongju Arts Center, Gyeongju